Solar Home Systems change lives, not only do they reduce the energy expenses of off grid households, they also improve the access to information for rural families, as they can charge their phones, watch televisions or even connect to the internet, which stimulates development equality, education and even democratization. An oven with higher impact is achieved by the productive systems. Apart from increasing the income of entrepreneurs, it contributes to creating employment, economic development and even food security.

Impact In Zimbabwe


Since the start of the project, Zonful Energy has managed to deploy OVER 10 000 units of solar home system in 10 rural districts targeting the people who are using kerosene or candle for basic lighting. The use of solar system has eliminated the use of kerosene and candle therefore contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission. We have managed to reduce the carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere thanks to our Solar Home Systems!


Our customers have managed to save big financially! A household, on average, used approximately $14/month for lighting and cellphone charging. With our PAYGO service, one pays an average of $8/month for a Solar Home System with reliable phone charging and total home lighting. These savings increase once the customer has fully paid for their product and it’s theirs for a lifetime!


We have served over 10 000 households with our product. Our distribution has followed a segmentation criteria based on geographic spacing. The following regions now have access to clean and affordable energy: Mhondoro Ngezi, Mhondoro Mubaira, Gutu, Mazoe, Bindura, Mutasa, Seke, Chivi, Norton, and Goromonzi.


Zonful Energy has over 200 employees inclusive of Zone Coordinators and Technicians in the respective communities which are benefiting from our product.