“We make clean energy accessible and affordable to off grid areas throughout Zimbabwe and the rest of the region. We believe that technology is neither revolutionary nor radical if it is not accessible to the POOR, WOMEN and YOUNG people.”


Our products comes with a 2-year warranty and a free installation! We have three systems that make your life worthwhile.

  • Home 60 offers cell phone charging, has 3 light system and an option to add 2 more lights.
  • Home 120+ offers cellphone charging and 4 lights plus motion sensor
  • Home 400 offers cellphone charging and comes with a television set!

All our systems have 17m cable for easy and convenient connections throughout your home.


Brighten up your homes with our PAYGO service! The 24 hour call centre enables us to create lasting relationships with our beloved customers. The team is on standby waiting to listen and assist all questions and queries answered in real time.


With Zonful Energy, you are guaranteed clean and affordable energy! Our services promote healthy living by eradicating the use of kerosene and candles. Entertainment is just a click away with our powerful radio and television set.

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