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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sun King lamp and SHS covered under warranty?

All Sun King products are covered under a limited two-year warranty by Zonful Energy. If there is a manufacturing defect found with Sun King SHS, solar lamp, control panel, hanging lamp or panel, the product will be fully replaced.

How do I know that my Solar Home System (SHS) or Solar Lamp (SL) is charging?

Once the solar panel is properly placed under the sun and connected to the SHS if enough sunlight reaches the panel to charge, the ‘Sun charging power indicator’ on the lamp will light 1-5 green bars to indicate the strength of the charge received from the sun. ‘1 to 2’ green bars indicate a subtle, lower-quality charge, whereas ‘5’ bars indicate a strong, powerful charge. ‘1’ green bar could either be due to inadequate sunlight or inadequate exposure to sunlight. If it appears to be sunny outside, check for interference from shadows, wipe dust off the surface of the panel and make sure it is placed flat (at 90 degrees) to the sun again to improve charge performance.

Can I charge my mobile phone with Sun King SHS or lamps?

The Sun King PAYG SHS are designed to charge a range of mobile phones. You can connect your mobile phone to the SHS using one of the 5 phone adaptors provided with the product. Phones should never be charged directly by any of the solar panels except using the Sun King Charge panel designed for that purpose.  Although some phones may appear to charge when connected to a solar panel, the battery won’t actually charge effectively, and some phones (batteries) might actually get damaged in the process. We strongly recommend against connecting mobile phones, to any of the Sun King™ solar panels except using a Sun King™ charge panel.

Can I use my Sun King SHS and charge it when it is raining?

The Sun King line of SHSs, including the solar panel, is water-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about ruining your lamp if it is exposed to water. That said, since sunlight is often blocked by clouds during rains, your lamp might not charge as effectively as on bright sunny days, and therefore will need more than 5 hours to fully charge. Some SHS users prefer to leverage on lower power light setting (1st switch mode) that use less power especially during rainy seasons.

While charging your SHS outside in all weather, always place your Sun battery and lamp under a shelter connected to its panel outside, directly under sunlight.

Please DO NOT leave your SHS battery pack or lamp with its panel to charge outside while it is raining/sunny or let your SHS lamp be dipped/submerged in water as it will malfunction and will be considered out of warranty.

How much time does my Sun King SHS need to charge?

In ideal conditions i.e. strong sunlight, no clouds, and no shadows, the Sun King SHS will fully charge in 3 hours. That is for Home 60, Home 120, Home 120+. However, we recommend you keep the lamp connected to the panel all day to account for cloudy periods and natural movement of the sun. Due to over-charge protection technology on all our lamps, there is no concern with over-charging the battery.

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